31 December, 2006

Last of 2006

This is my last post of 2006 because I will not be able to post in about 10 minutes.

Shhh, Epiphany does not know I am typing this.

So, things I have learned... You can buy Inflatable Nativity Scenes.. Managers and all.. I will have to post pics later. (Unfortunately, I did not get over to the house that had the inflatable so I have not got any pictures to post.)

HoneyPot is a semi-cool game unless you are colour blind, in which case, you need to make some changes.

Champagne should not be drunk before midnight of the time zone you are in for New Year's....

Children can make you laugh.. at yourself even.

When a 6 year old can beat you at a strategy game you need more sleep.

Friends are fun.... good friends are more fun... no one should have to be up this late when the Bills lose.

Go Sabres this might be your Year, at least it's been a blast.
A word to the current team.. if you don't win the Cup make sure you do everything you can to stay together...... it's been too much fun....


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