15 October, 2006

Columbus Day, it sure is windy!

So, because it's Columbus Day the kids have no school and we are out grocery shopping.
On the way home, with all the car windows down, it was beautiful... I hear this voice leaning in from the back seat:
Ross: "Daddy, do you know why it's so windy today?"

Me: "No."
R: "It's Columbus' birthday day. And the gods made him a birthday cake. And he's blowing out the candles."
Me: "Oh."
R: "Because Columbus is a god now and he's huge."
Me: "Really? I didn't know that Columbus was a god."
R: "Well he's a spirit in Heaven and when you are in Heaven you are ginormous."
Me: "I will have to remember that."

And from the other seat came silence, looking in the rearview I see Lars noting all of this mentally and filing it for future use. I can't wait for that to come out in school. I hope next Columbus day is just as windy.


Go Sabres! Off to a great start so far.. keep playing like it's Game 7 and you'll do fine!!!

They haven't played as well as I think they can yet and they keep giving up early goals but it's exciting hockey!!! The NHL has got to be loving this team and so should the fans.


10 October, 2006

The End of the world as We know it?!

I own a shingle ripper and I know how to use it!!!!

This made bode well or poorly for life as we know it now.

**NOTE: this does not constitute an endorsement for Lowes® unless you need shingle ripper.