30 November, 2006

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Thought provoking or Stupid?

I think I will start a new blog sensation RIGHT NOW!!!!

Here are some questions you decide if they are:
Thought provoking OR stupid.

Of course, if you answer stupid then the question may just get stuck in your head like that song "Windmills in your Mind"

1) What colour is Time?

2) Why is there Air?


Hmm I will need to keep updating this.

It's been awhile.

I was just catching up on some dvr'd shows. One was a Nova scienceNow about death and destruction. One show was about greenhouse gases and the end of the Permian age. In short, up to 95% of all life on earth at the time (250,000,000 years ago) for some, hitherto, unexplained reason. Although the reason is still unknown there is, at least in Nova's mind, a strong canidate. Again, the greenhouse gas thing. Kind of scary, but then again so was the CDC/1918 flu/avian flu article. As you may or may not be aware the CDC holds some samples of the deadliest viruses and bacteria known to the world. One of these was reconstructed from DNA from World War I vets. Weehoo!!! Now a reconstructed virus might not sound exciting but when that virus is one that killed nearly 50,000,000 people you get the idea. So if we can reconstruct this deadly virus and then store it for fun and research why can't we do it with others? Well, the short answer is: WE CAN! And we do. So not to get too far of topic, these two articles got me to thinking.
I hear the collective uh-oh out there in cyberspace but be patient this will really bore you.

Ok so, uh-oh tangetiallizing..... _Happy Feet_ is a cute movie, there are probably better ones out there now but it was worth the afternoon with the kids post dental cleaning. Lars had to, and got to, keep a copy of the film of his "black" tooth. Ok, my wife did not post anything about this story. I was not home so here's the short version: Never go upstairs with your pants around your ankles. OR Pull your pants up if the downstairs bathroom is occupied and you have to use the upstairs one. The movie has a cute story that is rather choppy, Robin Williams is very good and the message is great. I, also, appreciated that the director decided to show that people, when touched, really can make a decision to make a difference. That aside it was a cute movie.

Back to the topic: Nature is a balancing act. A very precise balancing act. If things get out of balance Nature tries to fix this and return everything to its place. This is what ecology is all about, balance. Or in some cases Ballantines, but hey that's a different story altogether. Speaking of which, if you follow that last link make sure to keep your date of birth as the current year. That should really skew their data. Kudos to Ballantines for having a good check on ages. Oh well.... Turkmenistand, according to Ballantines has a drinking age of around 19.
so again, nature, balance, balancing act, humans. Ahh that's right.
So if nature is so much about balance and evolution, is one of those methods of maintaining balance how did humans get to the point we are at?
Humans are probably the only creature in the history of our planet that has had the ability to change, not only the planet but how nature re-balances. We can recreate, reconstruct, deconstruct and destroy. We constantly re-balance Nature and force Nature to re-balance right back. How do we, as a species, rate so much more highly than the other life on the planet, or do we? Has all other life evolved to the point where they understand that "fighting" Nature is not how things should be done, or have they never reached the point of having the ability to "fight" Nature. Should we, as a species go back and learn how to live in the system of Nature, or should we, as seems to be out wont, continue to strive to make life bend to our collective will?
Should we continue to push Nature, to see how pliant, complacent, "non-violent", and reactionary it is? So that we can see what happens to us, as a species, when Nature really decides to hit back?
I don't know. I like the internet, I have a feeling that really wasn't in Nature's game plan.
But, do we as a species, just from our mere existence, negate the balance Nature has established, and if so, do we also have the ability to correct that negation? Or do we need to have a species cleansing extinction for the balance to be re-established?


On a side note the NHL will be changing their uniform styles League wide with the debut of these new "sweaters" at the NHL All-Star Game. This game should showcase the best of the best in the best of all possible worlds scenario, if you choose to watch one hockey game this year. This would be it.

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