31 May, 2006

Things that I am not good at:

Delivering bad news (hence I am not a physician)
gettting organised (once i get organised i think i can stay that way, of course it has not happened yet so)
dealing with confrontation
lying (to people who mean something to me, strangers not much of a problem)
using time wisely (this has been the same since kindergarten, hopefully not a trait i have passed on to my children. this is where the influence of my wife will have the most profound effect on our children. with any luck her personality will counter my own in this regard. i have all these wonderful plans: exercising while watching hockey games, starting the laundry then un/loading the dishwasher. usually i do this in the reverse order and that doesn't work as well.)
working with wood
working without being creative
maitaining correspondences (digital or otherwise, i think this falls into uses time wisely)
being strict without being loud (let's make that being strict.)

LBI - library bureau of investigation

please don't come looking for me.. it's all my wife's fault.

24 May, 2006

Life, Love and work

First off, Congrats to the Stolls
on their latest addition. The picture is fabulous and thanks for letting us come and visit so soon!!! The boys appreciated it although they were a bit overwhelmed.

On to the rest of my life. We are gearing up for a trip back home, yes I still think of it as home although I haven't lived there in more than a decade.
Ok the real reason for this post is that I wanted to try on the RSS feature and see how it works with Firefox.

Other than that I am looking at the possibility of 3 different job offers (I know SHUT UP!) all in the same field and all doing the same thing essentially. I have to turn down 2 of them. That sucks.
I'm wondering if there is a way for me to at least do some consulting for all of them. Thing is I need to be back at work fulltime, not just for the income but for myself. I feel a little bit adrift and I think the work will help me get back on track. Then again it probably won't.

Also, rapidly approaching 10 years of marriage to an amazingly beautiful, talented, charming, supportive (y'all have no idea), patient (again), dedicated, loyal, loving and graceful (both on and off the ice) woman with whom I have had the pleasure of living and raising children with.
It's a cliche I know but there aren't enough words to say how I feel about her. If I were to sit down and tell you about it there would be a lot of silence as I tried to find the correct words in the correct order. She is the love of my life, simply put.

I think I may just fall in love with RSS. Who knows.