29 December, 2007

Probably the last for 07

hmm so I had to post this new baby bathtub, because I wish I had one.
For myself.....


13 December, 2007

Genetic Testing for Presidential Candidates

I think that all Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates should be required to submit to genetic testing after this recent discovery. The article is from Nature but is summarized thusly at slashdot.org:

"A December 6th article in Nature explores the relationship between a specific gene and those of us prone to repeatedly making the same mistakes. From the article: "Drug addicts, alcoholics and compulsive gamblers are known to be more likely than other people to have this genetic mutation ..." The gene results in the development of fewer D2 receptors in the brain, a condition which the study has shown leads to a lessened ability to learn from experience."

If we had required genetic testing of all Presidential candidates prior to this time we might not now have a currency of lesser value than Canada's. Well, it was.. today it's worth $1.01 Canadian. Check out this exchange rate table: http://www.x-rates.com/cgi-bin/cgicalc.cgi?value=1&base=USD

On another, happier note, I received email today from Maytag:

"'Important Safety Notice: Fire Risk – Do Not Use Certain Maytag Brand and Jenn-Air Brand Under Counter and Portable Plastic Tub Dishwashers.

Dear Valued Customer:
...Liquid rinse-aid can leak from the dispenser of certain Maytag brand and Jenn-Air brand dishwashers and come into contact with the dishwasher’s internal wiring which can short-circuit and ignite, posing a fire hazard....

For your safety and until we determine if your dishwasher is affected, you should:

· Immediately stop using the dishwasher.
- Oops I can't it already caught fire and was replaced. There will be a link here when my wife writes her blog about this event.

· Disconnect the electric supply to the dishwasher by shutting off the fuse or circuit breaker controlling it. If you need help or are uncomfortable with disconnecting the electric supply, please call Maytag Corporation toll free at 1-800-675-0535.

- Disconnected and replaced with a Fisher-Paykel Dishdrawer.

· Inform all users of the dishwasher not to use the dishwasher due to the risk of fire.

- Ok, I don't know if you use a Maytag or Jenn-Air dishwasher, but if you do.. HEY IT MIGHT CATCH FIRE. STOP USING THE DARN DISHWASHER.
There that should suffice.

More later.