27 August, 2006

Or gan I zed?

Highly doubtful but this weekend I cleaned off a lot of my desk.
I threw out 30+/- 1.4Mb floppy disks...after of course having checked each and every one of them for important information... You have to realize that I have saved almost every single email, yes some of the more notable spam as well, I have ever received.
I have been using computers and email for a looong time.
More than half of my life, and they were new when I was a kid... so...

I did this mostly because I have to and mostly because I learned my town does recycle CDs, floppy disks, computer parts...etc. Of course, they only do this 1 day per month. 1st Saturday from 8am-2pm. Cool I can get this carp out of the house and maybe I will begin to get my life and my desktop back... right!

But this is a HUGE accomplishment, ask my wife or my sister (welcome to the fold).

So enough for now hoping the re-re-rebuilt computer boots the way I want it to next.


23 August, 2006

Like Father, Like Sons

They said that children reflect their parents.
I am not quite sure how this all happened but it seems to be true....

Recently, my eldest has taken to naming everything Jimmy.
My tendency, as a child, was to name things Jim after my friend's father who was a fireman, and that was the coolest thing ever. I have never mentioned, nor to my recollection has anyone else in my family, to the children this particular quirk of my childhood.

My youngest told me yesterday that "'when I am big I will have a job at Wegmans, a chocolate factory, Dunkin Donuts, as a racer (sic race car driver) and a hockey player. (in the NHL)
Yes, I did ask him if this would be all at the same time and he replied that he would only be able to do one job on a day. Growing up I told my mother that I was "' going to be a hockey man, football man and a baseball man'". Prompting my mother to reply "My, you will be busy."
As the story goes I replied "I will need a car."

It must be genetic. And I wonder where these things would be expressed.

**Addition ***
After I finished adding the links above, it occurred to me that I am glad the boys have not yet reached the level of Hey I wonder if there's a website for supermonkeyguncomics?
Someday that ship (sorry about the nautical reference just finished a Titanic movie-a-thon with the spouse.

21 August, 2006


sort of like vatican 2 revisited?

so i have to change my password to access the original blogger account or use the autoload one to reach the new blogger.

i think i'll hold off a while.

17 August, 2006

hmm new life starting?

Monday I have orientation with a new hospital for a new job with a new sleep lab. Hopefully this will turn out to be a great and exciting job, also full time, in a big hurry.
If so, then we will be able to finish the kitchen and do a lot of other neat stuff.

I hope that it will also allow me to do some sleep scoring from home and possible system administration as well. This means I will probably need to buy a new computer, darn. This is the system I am thinking about.... yes I am still a mac head. but I should be able to maximise the time wasted in my life by including a second SATA drive for Windows (ick) so that I can do sleep work and also include NWN2. Check out a review here.