19 October, 2007


So the other day I got my haircut. This is not usually a big deal but when your hairdresser for the day speaks very little english and the last time you used your high school spanish was while you were in Germany. Communication can be, let's say, dicey.
Despite my non-practice with Spanish I was able to communicate briefly on a present-tense-only 1st-grade level.
As it was I managed to get a very nice haircut. As I always do there, practice my spanish, make a new friend and have the shock of my life.

$17 for a hair $5 tip included is a great deal in NJ. I did not go for the shampoo, but there is no additional charge for that. What I did get was: a haircut, a hair cologne (vuele rico), my eyebrows trimmed and my nose hairs cut. Shock!
I don't know if you have ever trimmed your own nose hairs, if you have you understand what is involved. If not let me explain.
First, you need a small pair of scissors or one of those designed to trim nose hairs nose hair trimmers.
Second, you have to understand that nose hairs play an very important role in the control cycle of sneezing.
Third, you should have some practice trying to stop yourself from sneezing.
Fourth, you really only want to trim the nose hairs a little way back into the nose. Imagine stick the scissors in to get the really deep hair and then having a 2 year old run into the back of your legs unexpectedly. Granted you may not have a 2 year old running around but I think you get the idea.
Fifth, it will get progressively harder to see the hairs you are trimming as the tears begin to well up in your eyes.

That outlined, imagine now that someoneelse is sticking hair clipping scissors up your nose, uninvited and unexpectedly, and then trimming.
This was shock, and, because of the language diffuculty there was no way for me to express my desire not to have hair scissors in my nose. Of course, you say, why didn't you just back up or move the scissors. Well, that's not really a good question because if you think about it for a second well....

Irregardless, I did, for a very short time know the spanish word for nose hair, should I ever want them trimmed "professionally" again.


In other news the black walnut that put a 9" diameter c-shaped crack in my windshield has had it's handiwork repaired for less than the dealer wanted. So I am happy.

Now it's back to zamboni'ing, mite hockey, and finding a phone to replace the dead one.

Peace out