27 June, 2006

blog discrimination

Reading a recent post today from a friend that blogger puts up chinese birth years. Of course, my fat fingers mistyped my birth year and I discovered that blogger will not let anyone born in 1901 or prior to post. I feel that this is a form of discrimination.
Really shouldn't people who are 105 years old be able to post their own blogs?!?! Shouldn't they at least be able to proudly announce to the world, if that is their choice, what year they were born in?

ok enough of that.

25 June, 2006

No history of hockey in the family

So for my birthday, or because my wife "had a good day", our two creative young children drew a hockey rink on our driveway.

It was fabulous, with pictures of the Stanley Cup and the NHL logo.

pictures to be added later, if i ever get the camera back from my wife.


20 June, 2006

this was cool.


15 June, 2006

Well duuuhh

Sometimes I wonder what we are spending research dollars on. Of
course after having taken a look around at the children my kids go to
school with and others in their peer group it is not so surprising we
needed this study to be done. Maybe now people will start to .....
stop eating junk food.... yeah right.,



My new geek site. I've visited before in the past, but now it's in my
RSS folder.
Very cool.

but this is great.
http://www.physorg.com/news69518266.html - Skin stem cells found

The Most Disguting Thing Anyone has Ever Said to Me.

"Eat me raw. Call me sushi."

It's been almost 20 years and I still can't get this out of my head.
Ever now and then I am reminded of what she said and it still makes
me twitch. Mind you this was at work (McDonald's) and it was not
intended as a pick up. I don't recall what the conversation was or
how it got started but I remember 3 or 4 of us were discussing
something and being high school students. I do remember that 3 of us
had been standing at the front counter just after a bunch of people
had come in about an hour before we closed. There were no customers
in the store and we were cleaning.

I just felt that I needed to get this of my chest. Maybe it will stop
haunting me now. I doubt it.

this could be really gross

11 June, 2006

Things that make my wife think I am crazy


International Surfing day is coming!!1 Mark your calendar and find a
beach near you!!!

No I don't surf, but I don't play hockey either so.....

09 June, 2006

Wired News: The Great No-ID Airport Challenge

Wired News: The Great No-ID Airport Challenge

Hmm, it's already been /.'d so I think word will get out, and it's not like I think thousands or even tens of people read this blog, but there is power in the link. The more people who comment or link to the article the better the chances are that someone will stumble across it. Oh yeah and the higher it's google relative score can become.
The more people who read it, the greater the chance that someone will atttempt it.

The thing is if I were flying alone and had no family to worry about I might just do it. This is the kind of disestablishmentarian thing I would be likely to try. Very socially pro-active, anti-heavy handed regulation, and stupid.

If you think about it for half a second showing ID does nothing anywhere except show you on a piece of paper encased in plastic on one of the worst hair days you've had since the last time you had an ID photo taken. I look enough like any number of people that with a standard ID photo I could be mistaken for them. Heck I have to wear my glasses for my driver's license but I don't wear them when I am not driving.

I'm guessing that everyone who boarded a plane on 9/11/01 probably had some form of id to show. That didn't clue anyone in did it? And if you show up without ID what happens? They send you home? When you have a valid ticket? Can you see that lawsuits on that one?
Does the DHS have the power to interrupt/regulate interstate
commerce? Do you think Congress is likely to give that one up so easily?

Things that make you go, "hmmmm".

So, yes I considered emailing this one in but I noticed that the the email doesn't replicate links well and the link was important.


I just thought of this: I can set a forward from my other email
account to my blogger email address and just have it post ......

hmm i wonder how fast I can use up disk space this way.....

New websites I love


TreeHugger - I'm really into this whole save the earth thing. Just
wish I had the money to make all the improvements.

blogging made stupid simple

You may all be subjected to much more blogging from me now that I can
email blogs.

Lucky lucky you.

08 June, 2006


Hockey Players and Fans are notoriously superstitious.
I have a part time gig as an Ice Resurfacing Technician (Zamboni driver) at the local ice areana where my children take hockey lessons and my wife plays on a MAWHL team, where, it turns out NBC will be shooting a promo for the current Stanley Cup Finals (BTW if Carolina wins, it will be because they hurt the other teams). Now, it is unclear at this time whether the Stanley Cup
will be present or not.
Here's my quandry: My wife will be at work and unable to get there, my older child will be on a field trip and unable to get there, myself and my youngest (more hockey oriented child) will be at home and able to go. I have been a hockey fan for as long as I can remember. I have played with the notion of being a fan, serious, of another sport but it just has happened, despite the efforts of the Bills in the 90s. I have never seen the Stanley Cup. The question that keeps popping in my head is this, Did the Sabres lose and have they lost every time BECAUSE I have never seen the Cup? hmm that's a tricky one.
The bigger question is: If I find out that the Cup will be at the arena, do I go?
There are many hockey players who won't touch the Cup unless they win it. There are even a number who have never seen it, for fear they then won't be able to win it. I dare say that there are even a few who have never seen it or touched it despite the fact that they have not played hockey in decades. I doubt, but not strongly, that my seeing or touching the Cup will have any effect on the Sabres. But why take the chance?
On the other hand it would be a HUGE thrill to see it, especially on ice that I resurface frequently. Can I justify going with my youngest child and not take my wife or older child?
Should I inform anyone that the Cup will be there, if, in fact it turns out to be going there?
Can I, should I keep the information to myself? I promised to cherish, honor, love, obey and be truthful to my wife when we were wed. Keeping this to myself would be like lying, but since there is no way that she would be able to make it back from work in time.... It would be cruel to tell her before she goes to work because it would be hard for her to concentrate. It would be worse to tell her afterwards, and it might be still worse to go and take pictures to show her.
The additional quandry, besides the possibility of destroying my marriage, is do I take the younger child who wants to be a NHL player (please Sabres draft him in 13 years). Fearing that he might Touch the Cup or be photographed with it? I mean how will I feel if my childs team never wins the Cup because @ age 5 he had the chance to see and touch it??? I just don't know.
Now there is a slim chance that if he appears they might throw him in the promo but.....
you know that's really secondary right!?!?!?!????
My wife will read this. Hopefully not before she goes to work and hopefully not on the train on the way in. Forgive me huny I love you but I am confused.

this will have to work itself out in about 7 hours.
G'night all.

UPDATE: Received word early Friday AM that it was a replica Stanley Cup. Chances were good that IT could have shown up since the Cup doesn't have to be in Edmonton until Monday at the earliest and it doesn't get jetlag.

Well that was a quandry easily solved.

UPDATE: As someone pointed out to me recently I had not yet revealed whether the Cup showed up or not. Well, it did and it did not. It was a replica, apparently not a good one if you got close to it.

01 June, 2006

Last post: I'm sooo excited redux

LSWII will be out on 9/12/06.!

One more for the night

How come nobody comments on this?

Ok that's not the real question.

Firefox has changed my life.. ok not really. But there is an extension (fusion) that is really cool, but that is not the one that has changed my life... BTW children change your priorities for keeping up with tech.. it's the truth... Just letting you know Lady. The real extension that changed my life so far is NewsFox although I keep getting script errors it makes my life easier. I spend all my time perusing lists of updates on websites instead of visiting the sites.

Oh well.

I also love pocketblog.

That's it for tonight I should be spending time with our guest.

Not just writing or reading about it......

Manic/Depressive Blogging

Hmm after months of silence there was a sudden flurry of posting.

Hmm maybe I should stop now..

Next week perhaps I will post a story I have been writing.

Ahh, the reason that I was going to post was this:

Have any parents out there noticed how much their bookmarks have changed since they had children?

Watch this blog for more details.

Does anyone know if blogspot handles php?

Death Boat


In case you hadn't heard. I'll sum up, unless you go to read the above link:
11 badly decomposed adults found in a 20 foot motor boat 70 nautical miles off of Barbados.
Some Euro cash and some Senegallian Airline documents. All bodies dressed in short and brightly coloured shirts.

My reason: They thought they had tickets to a World Cup game but they had not enough money for fuel for the boat.

There's always next year! THANK YOU SABRES!!!

There is no way that anyone will remember Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals turned on a bad bounce and a bad penalty call. Except for those 2 goals it would still be tied.
This game and the series will be remembered for all the defense injuries on the Sabres (4 out of 6 starters). They did a GREAT JOB!!!
BTW Campbell was clearing the puck legally around the borders but his stick got chopped by a Cane (Brind'Amour I think) and the puck went over the glass. Shortened shot, not a deflection and not a penalty. Going over the glass was not intentional and the rule changed after the Olympics.
There is no bad feeling for the Canes, but I HATE their Cheerleaders (for Hockey??!?!?!?!?!?) and their stupid red uniforms. Everyone in Carolina should be disgusted by the "Redneck Hockey" sign. The team should throw that redneck out.
There is no chance that Lindy Ruff will be fired.
There is no chance that Buffalo will burn to the ground again this year.
There is no chance for the Sabres to win the Stanley Cup this year.

Why is there no new NHL Center Ice Package deal being offered????


Go Oilers!!! Oilers in 5. Sorry Cam and Martin.