29 September, 2006

Tea vs. Coffee

Since the arrival of our Gnomish Codpiece of Protection +2 and
Caffeine Infusion +6 I have been drinking more tea. Also my wife
discovered, because of my mother (are you sensing a theme here?), a
wonderful earl grey and that has contributed to my increase in tea
consumption greatly.

It is drizzily, miserable and wet here. This morning I was unable to
make coffee before having to take Ross to the bus stop, so when I
returned I made tea instead. This is good and the tea, although
caffeinated, is more of a comfort food then a "wake up and getting
going" drink.

My wife, sometime between the time we started dating and the time we
cohabitated, converted me to a coffee drinker. i have never regretted
that switch, but I have missed drinking tea. I was a tea drinkier,
because of my mother, all my young life and it was a transition into
adulthood (yeah, right!) that accompanied my coffee drinking.

On a day like today (see above) a hot cup of tea is more relaxing and
reviving than a cup of coffee. I find I don't drink the tea for
drinking the tea it's more about the aroma, the warmth of the mug in
my hand, the memories, and the ambiance.

I am also discovering that mugs are like close, dear friends. I have
found that coffee mugs do not always work with tea and vice versea.
Also, much like alcohol, different coffees/teas taste differently in
that same mug.
That favorite mug for earl grey might not work so well with
darjeeling and not at all with a Guatamalen roast.

Love to all, keep it real y'all.

28 September, 2006

Being underemployed is great, especially when the dishwasher decides that it has to go on strike. (Do you hear the scathing sarcasm??!?!? No, well that's ok cuz I don't think it really exists.)

Yes this AM the dishwasher ran for 2 hours and when I opened it was , the darn thing was a furnace and there was no water. Obivously no water had been in it since the soap was lying in a sad and helpless pile just below the door from which it entered.
This is what happens to plasticware left in a dishwasher/kiln.

Now my entire 3 hours of "free time" has been utterly consumed and the children will be getting off the bus shortly after I finish the clean up.

So I did not get to the store or get the house cleaned. There is always tomorrow. :^)

And then next week we have my mother-in-law arriving. Let's hope the dishwasher decides to hold on for a few more weeks.

Maybe the refridgerator will decide that it is ok to make ice again.

Someday we will cabinets that are affixed to the walls and such. That will make the dismantling of the kitchen to reach appliances much much more difficult.

Now if anyone needs a handyman on call.... don't call me... please

Ahhh and there go the neighbors to the bus stop. Ariverderci

*update* so the evening after dinner went like this....
rush to library to pick up books on how to raise crickets. 2 for me and 2 for ross. lars picked 4 different kind of books.
then to michael's for polyfill and a necklace that ross must have for school tomorrow for his plastic hands. turns out he doesn't need them for class just wants to wear them tomorrow. so now he has gold plastic bling with one red and one white plastic hand.
petsmart for cricket food. which prompted lars to inform our cashier that we have two pets a cat named pixie and a cricket who's name is jimmy b.. Our cashier then questioned me as to the veracity and number of pet cricket(s?) we have. I informed her that yes we have a cricket as a pet and it is only one because that one found it in a cricket "egg".

then to michael's 4 bags of polyfill, some iron-on velcro, a plastic necklace and then to wegman's for milk (again), kids toothpaste, sugar cookies and somethign else.

then home.
the day is over. i need to sleep.

27 September, 2006

I am responsible for my rose...

When Ross was inutero I started reading to him a story that I have loved very much, though it is often times difficult to understand. Since my wife has been away at a convention she has not been able to keep up her nightly reading to the children. This is a task I have taken up with some enthusiasm and since I found The Little Prince again I decided to read this to them.
Granted a 5 year old may not have a great understanding of the story but a 7 year old finds the little prince to be amusing and also the antics of the adults. I was, I must say, a bit surprised to find that Ross did not see that elephant inside the boa constrictor and yet Lars was a bit more receptive to the idea. Both agreed that it might look like a hat but it could be other things, like a squashy gray rock. In 3 nights we have covered 71 pages and it has made me very happy.
Tonight we read from Asteroid 326 to Earth, past the snake, the roses and ended with the fox.
I wanted to share this:

..."' And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. ...
It is the time you have wasted for you rose that makes your rose so important. ...
Men have forgotten this truth, but you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose . . . " '" ...

With that I closed the book. Ross, who was still awake, looked at me and said "'AAhhhh why do I have to go to sleep. '" YAWN
I replied, "Because I am responsilbe for my rose."
"No." said Ross sleepily, "you are responsilbe for me."
"Yes," I said, "I am responsible for my rose and the other one that is already asleep."
"ahh dad.."

Snaps to a home-girl

Many Thanks go to Ginger for the gnomish cod piece, see below.

hmm did I break blogger?

For a loong time this last post wouldn't go through. Then it finally
did. I was afraid I broke blogger today.'

Maybe y'all just got a lot of important stuff what to talk about?!?!?!!?

hmm things have been busy here without my wife being home.


The css redesign is under way to help bring us in sync with the Buffalo Sabres Go Sabres

It's slow work when you can't spend much time on the project.

more later

26 September, 2006


My hair has started turning gray. Well white actually, which is fine with me. I  kindof hope that it skips the whole gray nonsense and goes straight to white. My great-grandfather had shocking white hair. I loved it. I have always wished my hair would do that.
What puzzles me is that the white hair always a different texture, different shape then the rest of my hair.
I wonder why that is.

Speaking of which you should really check on Don White.   He's very funny.

good night

02 September, 2006

Hans my happy McDonald's customer

There are a few of you familiar with the Grimms Maerchen _Hans Mein Igel_ "Hans my hedgehog", so this story from Physorg.com should be very gratifying to you. For those of you who live in the British Isles and love hedgehogs you are very lucky to have the British Hedgehog Preservation Society protecting your wildlife.
I know Physorg.com does have a Blog it link but I like y'all to click through... it's nice.

On the other hand it's raining here and with nothing really much to do I blog. But not for long I am going to play Neverwinter Nights v.168 with Visible Capes. This I think is a great add, along with the bug fixes but there is some unhappiness in the world because of the capes. Apparently you cannot change the capes color nor can you see your wings. Personally, I have not played a character with wings yet so it doesn't bother me.

**after not returning to update this in 3 weeks.. i decided to undraft it***
there you go draft now you're a blog