28 March, 2006


It's been a while since I've posted, not that anyone in their right mind would care, but it seems that I have been bitten, this evening by the blogging-bug. I really intended to try out a NWN PW but i think I have to write instead. Of course, I should also sleep but....

So first I have to say I am really, really, really proud of my children. Both of them. As any parent should be but I am really proud of them. Most of the time. The 5 year old is doing great on his quest to be a hockey player. He skates a couple of times a week but he's always improving and improvising. Things he sees on TV or from the older kids. It's great. Of course, he's also very specific about the way he wants things done. No daddy, you do this. Ok now we play frisbee, 5 minutes pass now we play soccer, 5 more minutes now we play football... it never ends.
The 7 year old, well, just amazing and he's becoming a real person. Some opinions but nothing substantial but he likes lots of things and is really excited about starting baseball next week.

I should say that I am really proud of my wife too. I am by the way, but I have to question the sanity of anyone who would marry me. I assume, it was love, or drinking, since both, I understand, can make you blind. But she is an amazing woman, incredibly talented, brillant, vivacious, perky, witty, sophisticated, graceful and throws a mean body check while looking like falling over. (I will not give her name or team here in case you, the reader, happen to be a referee in MAWHL.)

Ok i think I have completely lost that train of thought now.
I am privileged and honored to be loved by this woman. I just hope I am worth of it everyday.


The real reason that beer bottles are different shapes is so that you don't hand the wrong one to your spouse in the dark.

Actual Reality

On my way home today a car in front of me has this bumper sticker, so I read it. Doesn't everyone? I mean do you find yourself trying to finish reading the incredibly tiny print on some of those stickers even if it means you have to make a uturn to get where you're going?
Ok, maybe you don't, and I never have, but I do try to read all of the bumper sticker.

Back to the point, this bumper sticker read WMD so as I get closer, since that is what traffic wanted I realise the sticker reads Weapons of Mass Deception. Pretty clever doncha think?
So right away I know this person does not support the War or the President. I don't have a problem with either of these positions.
But then the car with the bumper sticker changes lanes, then turns ALL without SIGNALLING!
Ok maybe this doesn't irk you but it really ticks me off.
So then the irony hits me. This driver is mad that the President and his policies have sent our young people (and some old) halfway around the world to die for a cause that they, the driver, does not believe in or agree with. But at least the President had the common decency to tell us ahead of time that's where he was headed!
You, I mean the driver in front of me, don't even have the intelligence to signal your intention with a motor vehicle travelling at speed and through residential neighborhoods.
I don't think the bleepbleep would have used brake lights if it weren't automatic.

Come ON PEOPLE the lever isn't just there because GM wants to charge you more for the car. It actually DOES something.
Like: inform all the other, bleeps, around you (self included), what the bleep you intend to do with that 1-2 ton combustioning metal weapon you are sitting in and manouvering in such a life threatening manner. Not just your life either you lazy, no good bleepity bleep.

Just have to add this story about driving. I might make this a daily blog, stupid things I see people do while driving, but on with the story.

This is a true story and happened a couple of years ago. I was just merging from a local State route onto an Interstate and in the process of checking my blind spot on the driver's side of the car as I signalled my intention to move into that lane I see a car. What?!! A car, you say. Yes, a large Lexus as I recall. Well what was interesting is this guy... a man yes.... was driving 65 or 70 and talking on the cell phone. Not unusual you say. Of course not and this was just after my state had passed a headset law, in certain counties, which we were not in. But then he suddenly disappears from view, not the car, his whole head and upper body. So I checked the lanes in front of me, they are clear so I sneak a peek back at this yahoo. He comes back up about 15 seconds afterward and he's still talking on the phone. Ahhh but this time he has TWO phones, one in each hand and he's carrying on 2 conversations. At this point I slowed way down so that he would be well ahead of me in case one of his phone calls should be his broker telling him the market crashed and the other was his wife saying she'd run of with his broker who had actually stolen all his money.

15 March, 2006

Why you should not stick a fork in an outlet


Why you needed grounded outlets.


The above is a video of a much larger version of what happens everytime you turn something electrical on, or plug something in.


14 March, 2006

TMBG - of course they really are musical Giants

Venue Songs the latest vinyl of creative genius from TMBG (otheriwse known as They Might Be Giants) a band I learned to love in college, still has something to teach us all. I highly recommend a broadband connection but it's worth it at whatever speed.

of course this is an album I may have to go and buy. I have said this about other albums in the recent past... still havent bought them either but I have other things that i need to spend my limited cash influx on.... children and such...
oh and family and oh gas .... and oh ... you know life.

Monticello is Thomas Jefferson's Batcave... enjoy!!!

also might want to check out

09 March, 2006

my mobile life

so after many errors this morning while sitting with my son while he was doing his homework, I finally can blog from my ipaq 5455. complements of pocketblogger, a stowaway keyboard and my wireless router.

this could change how often I add to my blog.

since this is where I am to take reality and carve it up I thought tonight I would take on fact that my wife is going to envious of my ability to blog from whereever I can find an open wirelss connection and some time to type.

but she plays hockey so she won't be envious too long

Hats off to the Rochester Americans

Thank you very much for your long standing commitment to the Buffalo Sabres! Thank you to Tom Golisano for keeping the Sabres in Buffalo. Thank you to Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier for building one heck of a team. This is your year.

things i have learned... today

1) a single egg can make a homemade milkshake even better
2) sometimes recyclables should just be thrown away. like when they have dead mice in them.
3) leftovers are sometimes forgotten in the fridge. then they become inedible. even in ziplock baggies.
4) detention is possible even in grade school.
5) i will never be as organized as i want to be. because there isn't enough time left in my life to make up for the disorganization i have already organized.
6) hockey is a great sport. duh! go <a href="http://sabres.com/index.cfm">sabres</a>
7) children are wonderful. so much so it should be part of their name.... ok.. well
8) I have not been as good a son as I should be. I am not as good a son as I was raised to be and this is troublesome.
9) because of the disorganization in my life, despite all of the computers and calendars, address books, pdas, and calculator watches I spend more time trying to get organized and synchronized than I do most anything else.
I think at this point the problem is that I just have no idea where to begin.
10) sometimes houses are built poorly. sometimes they are maintained poorly. I think it would be nice to be able to rent a house untill you have lived in it long enough to decide if you want to buy it.

performancing redux

perhaps i am using it incorrectly but i keep getting all of these error messages and it keeps reformatting all of my posts.
then it sometimes does weird things to the status bar.
i think i'll come back to it later.